C2E – Colloids and Complex fluids for Energies – Systems understanding: from preparation to process design

IFPEN/Rueil-Malmaison (near Paris) - 4-6 December 2017

Poster Session 


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Radioactive soil decontamination by froth flotation technology
A. Ben Said, F. Frances, S. Faure (CEA, France)


Interactions between kaolinite clay suspensions and anionic surfactant
A. Suzzoni1,2, E. Kohler1, L. Barre1, L. Michot2, P. Levitz2 (1 IFPEN, France, 2 PHENIX, Univ. Pierre&Marie Curie, France)


Capillary filling and haines jump events using free energy Lattice-Boltzmann simulations
I. Zacharoudiou, E. Boek (Imperial College, Great-Britain)


Characterization of magnetic nanoparticle dispersions interactions by multisample analytical centrifugation
T. Sobisch1, N. Buske2, D. Lerche1, S. Gressier1 (1 LUM GbBH, 2 MagneticFluids, Germany)


The dynamic characteristics and tracking adjustment method of ASP flooding in daqing oilfield
P. Ye1, L. Zhong2, J. Wei3 (1,2 Daqing Oil Field Company, 3 Northeast Petroleum University, China)


Predictive modeling: Water and salt partition between brine and reverse aggregates of extractant in oil
M. Spadina1, J. Theisen2, C. Penisson2, K. Bohinc3, JC Gabriel2, S. Pellet-Rostand1, J-F Dufreche1, H. Mohwald1, T. Zemb1 (1 Institut Chimie Séparative, 2 CEA, France, 3 Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Evaluation of flocculation of soft nano-or micro-particles: in situ visualization of separation behavior versus zeta-potential
D. Lerche, T. Sobisch (LUM, Germany)


Towards the control of the length of wormlike micelles for a better understanding of their relaxation mechanism
M. In (Lab. Charles Coulomb, CNRS, France)


Modeling of non-ideal multi-component multi-phase fluids by pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann model

M. Pourtousi1,2, O. Shardt, 1,2, H.E.A. Van den Akker1,2 (1 SSPC-Univ. of Limerick, 2 Bernal Institute-Univ. of Limerick, Ireland)


Ageing analysis of solid and paste-like products with Rheolaser crystal
R. Ramsch, G. Brambilla, X. Hu, P. Bru, G. Meunier (Formulaction, France)


Fast and simple average molecular weight determination with fluidicamRHEO
Y. Lefeuvre, E. Woodcock, P. Adamska, P. Da Costa, P.Abgrall, G. Meunier (Formulaction, France)


Advantage of using multiple light scattering technique for the new safe demulsifier efficiency analysis for oil production
C. Dalmazzone1, A. Mouret1, C. Noik1, C. Tisserand2, G. Meunier2 (1 IFPEN, 2 Formulaction, France)


Sulfonate methyl esters of fatty acids in aqueous solutions : interfacial and micellar properties
V. Ivanova (Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria)


Sand agglomeration in oil and gas reservoirs using polymers
R-Y Lee1,2, P.F. Luckham2, O.K. Matar2, M. Shahrul Amir Zamberi1, N. S. Karam Chand1 (1 Petronas, 2 Imperial College, Great Britain)


Polyelectrolyte/Surfactant mixtures at the bulk and interfaces
S. Aidarova1, A. Sharipova1, R. Miller2 (1 Kazakh National Technical Univ. Kazakhstan, 2 Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany)


Influence of polymer-surfactant compositions adsorption on process of clearing of oil emulsion form water and salts
S. Aidarova1, B. Mutalieva2, G. Madibekova3, A. Sharipova1 (1 Kazakh National Technical Univ., 2 Auezov South Kazakhstan State Univ., 3South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, Kazakhstan


Inverse pickering emulsion stabilized by exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)
D. Gonzales Ortiz1, C. Pochat-Bohatier1, J. Cambedouzou2, S. Balme1, M. Bechelany1, P. Miele1,3 (1 Institut européen des Membranes, France, 2 Institut de Chimie séparative, France, 3 Institut universitaire de France)